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Teacher: Mrs Semple

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hill & Miss Williams

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    Week commencing 5th December 2016

    What can I say other than Wow, the nursery children have all been super stars this week in the Nativity performance. I saw each and everyone of them joining in with the songs, so a huge well done! We have been busy wrapping Christmas presents for Father Christmas and sorting them into shape and size order. We also sang lots of Christmas songs and made Christmas cards for our families too. In PE we explored travelling along benches in different ways and jumping with two feet off different sized benches.

    Week commencing 28th November 2016

    This week was all about the Arctic and learning about animals that live in the North Pole, what the weather is like, homes made from snow and exploring freezing and melting. The children had great fun exploring ice and learning that if we put the ice by the radiator or in the sunshine it melts. We also watched a time lapse video of how ice is formed, which inspired the children to ask lots of interesting questions about ice and frost.

    We went on a plane journey to the North Pole, and discussed what clothes we might need to pack to keep us warm in the cold weather. When we go to the Arctic we explored our very own nursery igloo and learnt about animal camouflage.

    Week commencing 21st November 2016

    This week our sound of the week was t. We located objects around the nursery that began with t, such as tops, tins, toys, trains, turtles and then played a parachute game with the objects. We have also been practising writing ‘t’ in the shaving foam, sand tray and then on paper. We visited our school library this week, and listened to lots of different stories, as well as learning how to behave in the library. We then borrowed some books for our classroom too.

    In PE we have been learning to do two-footed jumps. We completed assault courses that involved jumping off benches using two-feet and jumping along benches too.

    Week commencing 14th November 2016

    This week the nursery children had free reign over which activities they accessed in the nursery. I allowed them to use outdoor resources indoors, which worked really effectively as the children decided to build a hot air balloon basket big enough for them all to fit in. We had children problem solving when we ran out of bricks and working out how we were going to attach the balloon to the basket. Later in the week the children wanted to make a bridge to escape from a hungry crocodile. They independently resourced the activity, finding objects around the classroom they could use to create a substantial bridge that would hold their weight. The children practised turn-taking, sharing and taking risks. We also had a PE session which involved balancing for 5 seconds and working on a busy pirate ship, which involved playing lots of balancing pirate themed games. Another lovely week.

    Week commencing 7th November 2016

    This week the children were very excited to meet our class pet, Delilah, the guinea pig. She is a very pampered pet, being spolit with cuddles and food from the children. We discussed good hygiene after handling Delilah, and the need for ‘kind hands’.

    We continued to look at forms of transport this week, and did some excellent role play in our travel agents and aeroplane. The children demonstrated the ability to take turns and share the resources available to them.

    The Nursery and Reception children produced an excellent assembly which provided a snapshot of the wonderful learning and play that happens in our Early Years Unit. Lots of parents commented on how well the children joined in, so a huge well done to all involved.

    We also had an open morning on Wednesday, where the children learnt about shape and colour. We explored coloured rice, coloured shapes in jelly, painted with shape stampers, did some primary colour mixing and played shape games. It was a lovely opportunity to meet so many prospective parents and children.

    Week commencing 31st October – Autumn Term 2

    Our topic this half term is journeys. This will involve looking at different forms of transport, sharing stories based around transport and looking at staying safe whilst using transport.

    Our first week of the new half term has been incredibly busy. We went on a witch hunt on our muddy Monday welly walk this week, which involved following a glittery rhyming trail.

    We learnt our new sound of the week ‘m’ and found objects around the classroom that start with this sound. We learnt about why we celebrate bonfire night on the 5th November, and created the most amazing colourful firework display using paints and glitter. We also sang a counting song involving five fireworks, and talked about safely handling sparklers.

    The children went on a magical train ride through space, cake land and an underwater adventure. We used our train role play area to act out buying tickets, staying safe on trains and taking on the role of conductors and train drivers.

    We cannot wait to share more of our experiences on our open morning next Wednesday (9th October 2016).

    Week commencing 17th October 2016

    This week in nursery, the children have been busy hunting for autumn leaves, then using them to make leaf creatures. We explored pumpkins and made them into pumpkin soup, measured our pumpkins using non-standard measures and sand along to lots of autumn and harvest songs. Overall a lovely end to a great first half term!

    Week commencing 10th October 2016

    This week got off to a fantastic start. The children were all very excited as we made a scarecrow on ‘Muddy Monday’ and learnt about the job they play in helping farmers. This lead up on to sharing the story ‘The Little Red Hen’, which inspired us to make bread rolls, and learn about where flour comes from. We used our outdoor classroom to act out the journey from the field where wheat is grown to the mill where it is ground down to make flour. We also explored fruit printing and discussed where different fruit and vegetables grow. On ‘Fizzy Friday’ we had a very healthy morning, joining in with a ‘zumba’ inspired session, travelling in different ways as superheroes and then cooling down to some yoga.

    Week commencing 3rd October 2016

    This week has been packed with ‘Gruffalo’ themed activities. We had great fun practising the Gruffalo song, adding in actions too. We made Gruffalo play dough, created a life size Gruffalo using collage materials and verbally labelled him too. We have also been busy mechanics washing and repairing cars in our outdoor garage. The children showed an interest in snakes this week, so we measured different length snakes and then drew around each other and measured ourselves using our footprints.

    Commencing 26th September 2016

    This week we learnt the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, which involved acting out the story, and performing it to Reception on Friday. We went on a bear hunt in our outdoor area which involved jumping through muddy puddles, going through a snow storm and a deep dark bear cave. We also created a story map to help us recall the events from the story.

    Muddy Monday

    We were busy hunting for magic sticks this week, which we turned into telescopes, fishing rods, a stick-a-saurus Rex and a magic paintbrush. We then worked in teams to create dens using just sticks and tarpaulin sheets. The dens had to be large enough for all the children and waterproof (very important in Autumn). The children proved to be great at den-building and team work too. We finally enjoyed a marshmallow toasted on our pretend fire, which helped us learn all about fire safety.

    Week commencing 19th September 2016

    This week we shared the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We used role-play to bring the story alive, instruments to add sound effects and puppets to host our own puppet show versions of the story to our friends. We were also busy making pizzas for the bears after greedy Goldilocks had eaten theirs. The nursery children made porridge and fed it to the bears using different sized spoons, which helped develop their fine motor skills. Clay bears were created too, which proved to be a popular sensory activity amongst the children. We also did some counting,  measuring Goldilocks hair using non-standard measurements.

    Week commencing 12th September

    This week is all about rabbits. We are making rabbit biscuits and learning all about food hygiene and safety in the kitchen. We will be detectives solving a crime which involves three rather hungry rabbits and will also be cutting out rabbits and giving them fur; which will help develop our fine motor skills.

    Muddy Mondays

    We had a ‘mud-tastic’ time on our muddy ‘welly walk’ this week. We were making woodland warrior medals, a huge mud bath, then creating large scale mud paintings and finally cooking up some delicious mud pies in teams.

    Week commencing 5th September – Autumn Term 1

    Our topic for this half term is ‘enchanted woodlands’.

    Our first week at nursery, was fun packed. We played name games, explored the new toys at nursery, learnt nursery routines and expectations.