Art and Design

Our Art Gallery

Weobley’s art gallery celebrates super work produced by pupils from across the school, by displaying it for all to see!

  • Charcoal drawings

    Charcoal drawings made by KS2 pupils, during a drawing workshop at Newport House, Almeley

  • Andy Warhol
    Class Six’s art work inspired by Andy Warhol

  • Animals on the Farm

    ‘Animals on the farm’ by Reception Class

  • Sculpture Exhibition

    Selected children from KS2 visited a sculpture exhibition in the grounds of Newport House, Almeley, as well as taking part in a drawing workshop.

  • Art College Exhibition
    For the ‘Expo 2016’ exhibition at the Art College, we displayed work completed during our visit to Newport House.

  • Art Club

    Making a patchwork quilt of members of staff.