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Class Teacher: Mrs Curtis

Teaching Assistants: Miss Bufton

PPA Cover: Mrs Pennington

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    17-10-16 – Pumpkins and Autumn

    This week our learning was around the theme of pumpkins and autumn. Children explored pumpkins in many areas of their learning. We continued to think about the changes that happen during autumn and also practiced out harvest songs.

    We described pumpkins using lots of wonderful adjectives and wrote poems about them too.

    We carved a pumpkin and used it as part of our small world play.

    We measured pumpkins using non-standard units.

    We looked for features of autumn outside.

    We sang autumnal songs.

    10-10-16 – The Little Red Hen

    We have started to look at the world around us and understand the changes that are happening outside. We have also been learning a lot about harvest as we practise our singing of harvest songs.

    We drew story maps and retold the story of the Little Red Hen.

    We made bread.

    We role played harvesting corn outside.

    We mixed colours and made different shades.

    How to Catch a Star

    Our topic this half term is …. SPACE

    We have been learning about different things to do with space based around a different book each week.

    We wrote story maps to retell and change the ending for the story. We had some super ideas for how we could catch a star!

    Alien’s Love Underpants

    We explored shadows and made shadow puppets. What an exciting and fun afternoon we all had! We also made some clay aliens. Manipulating the clay was new to most of us but we all tried hard to make an alien.

    Whatever Next

    We experimented with different materials to find the best, waterproof, material for Baby Bear’s helmet. We found out that plastic was the best material to keep dry!

    Muddy Monday

    We team up with Nursery every Monday to go on a Muddy Monday Welly Walk. Each week we have a morning full of adventures, problem solving, creative thinking and fun!

    10-10-16 – Scarecrows

    This week for Muddy Monday we focused on emotions and how we can tell how someone id feeling from their facial expressions. Mr Scarecrow had a sad face so we helped Mr him find his Mummy. We worked as a team to put her back together. After that we did a gross motor and fine motor focus in the playground with chalk. Our write dance was to the song, I’m a dingle Dangle Scarecrow!

    26-9-16 – Stanley’s Stick + Den building

    12-9-16 – Mud Pies & Woodland Warrior Badges

    19-9-16 – We’re going on a wolf hunt!

    Physical Development – Rugby Tots

    Physical Development – REAL PE

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    Useful Websites

    What to expect when – A parent’s guide to the EYFS and what to expect when for your child

    Rugby Tots – For further information regarding joining a local club outside of school in Leominster

    Phonics – Letters and Sounds online games for reception children

    Phonics – Mr Thorne does phonics – video clips to help with pronunciation