Welcome to Class 3

Class Teacher: Mrs O’Neil

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Weston, Mrs Garnham and Miss Ingham

PPA Cover: Mrs Drew

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    Summer TermOn returning to school after the Easter break, Class 3 discovered some bean seeds and a note on the carpet. We discussed where the note could have come from and what we could do with the bean seeds. It was agreed the note was from “Jack” and the beans should be planted. We wrote instructions for how to plant a bean seed. After playtime, a giant sized spoon and fork was discovered in the classroom with a letter, from the giant, explaining that his golden hen had gone missing and he was hungry so we decided to create menus fit for a giant. In the afternoon another letter appeared, from the giant, explaining that his golden harp had been taken and he could no longer sleep without the soothing lullabies that it played. We split into small groups where we composed and performed our own lullabies using percussion instruments. We pretended to take the role of “Jack” and write letters of apology to the giant. We used circle time to discuss stealing, taking other people’s possessions without permission and how this would make us feel.

    Roman VillasRoman villas were planned, designed and created using lots of different junk. The children worked in small groups to create the structure and then added detail and decoration to their roman buildings.
    Healthy Sandwich SnacksAs part of our Science, design and technology project we planned, designed, made, ate and evaluated a healthy sandwich snack. We explored a variety of breads and fillings before making our own sandwich snack. We were able to have a mini picnic outside to eat our sandwiches and then came back into class to discuss how they could be improved.
    Edible Roman RoadsUsing plain biscuits, custard, maltesers, smarties and custard creams Class 3 recreated edible roman roads. After following a set of instructions the children wrote their own instructions using time conjunctions, imperative verbs, prepositions, adverbs and correct organisation. Lots of fun was had making the roads but more fun was had eating them!
    MosaicsAs part of our topic we have been learning about how the romans used mosaics. We made our own mosaic tiles using plaster of paris. Mosaic patterns were created from the initial of our name using paper mosaics on a squared grid and we attempted to create our own mosaic patterns on ipads.
    Forest School

    On Monday 13th March Class 3 had the opportunity to explore Forest School as part of Science week. This was led by Sam Goddard, a forest school leader for the county. We made and exploded mud volcanoes, toasted marshmallows on a camp fire and cooked our own hot chocolate. It was a great morning of outdoor learning.
    Volcanic Eruptions

    As part of our Literacy unit we have been reading the book – Escape from Pompeii. This has led to us writing our own adventure stories about Mount Vesuvius erupting. We have created our own model volcanoes around a cola bottle using scrunched up newspaper, mod roc and paint. Great fun was had by adding mentoes to the bottle and watching them erupt!! We also made smaller volcanoes using a plastic bottle. We watched the reaction between bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Red food colouring and washing up liquid was added for an extra special effect.

    Moving MonstersOur design and technology topic this term was Moving Monsters. We made these using pneumatic systems. We explored how to make a pneumatic system using a syringe, plastic tubing, balloon and elastic band. Then we investigated which part of our monster the system could move. After we planned, designed, made and finally evaluated our moving monsters.
    Fossil huntingClass 3 have been learning about fossils and how they are made. We then created our own fossils using clay, toy dinosaurs and plaster of paris. Great fun was had pretending to be palaeontologists (scientists who study fossils) uncovering our own fossils and the chocolate chips from a cookie! We also sorted different types of fossils and learned about Mary Anning – who was believed to be the greatest fossil hunter.As part of our learning about the Bronze Age we recreated bronze jewellery by sticking different shaped pasta onto card templates and then we painted them using a bronze paint.
    Creating StonehengeIn groups we used clay and created our own group models. We moulded our own stones and then pieced them together, like lego, to create mini models. We painted evening backgrounds by mixing different shades of blue. Black torn and cut pieces of paper were arranged and glued to the background to create a silhouette effect of Stonehenge.
    Bronze Age JewelleryAs part of our learning about the Bronze Age we recreated bronze jewellery by sticking different shaped pasta onto card templates and then we painted them using a bronze paint.
    Prehistoric Britain – Stone Age to Iron AgeIn groups, we became early humans and painted the cave walls in our quiet area of the classroom. We signed our paintings using handprints as they did in prehistoric Britain. We had great fun!We made individual cave paintings on rocks using stencils, brown craft paper, charcoal, pastels and chalks. First we drew around a prehistoric stencil. Next we added tone and colour using pastels and chalks. Finally we added a small handprint, tore the edges and crumpled the paper.
    Useful WebsitesDigger and the Gang – Nash’s Adventures in English, Maths and Science.