Welcome to Class 4

Class Teacher: Mrs Gammond

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hackley and Mrs Richards

PPA Cover: Mrs Drew

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    Summer Term First Half

    Even though last half-term was our shortest, we have still managed to fit a lot in to our school day.  Apart from are fabulous trip to Oakerwood we have begun to recap everything we have learnt in maths since September.  Our topic has been looking at local settlements and the children have been able to work out why their village has a certain ending, depending on what features are around them such as farms, lakes and hills.

    We have started our new topic ‘All about Chocolate’ which makes us all very hungry!  We still have lots to learn about how chocolate is made, where it comes from and we are all looking forward to designing our new chocolate bars and wrappers.

    Sports day was a huge success and everyone took part with enthusiasm – even Mrs Gammond managed to take part!

    Here is a small snapshot of our learning this half term.

    The week in photographs

    This week

    In computing we have been learning about algorithms. We wrote instructions for making a jam sandwich and Mrs Drew had to understand them. Guess what? It went wrong as we missed some steps out and Mrs Drew got very messy!  Computing is very fun in class 4.

    Charlie, Millie, Annette

    In Science we have started to learn about the digestive system and we had to label different parts of the human body.

    Ziva, Mikey, Gethin

    This week in Maths we multiplied and divided decimals by 10 and 100.  We also did our froggy maths which helps us with our times tables.  Next week we are using our fractions to make a pizza.

    Ellie, Ashia, Kyle

    In PE we practised rolling and balancing.  We all thought that Colin was very good at his rolling.

    Cerys, JJ, Charlie

    In art we are learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He is famous for designing furniture and likes to use squares, ovals and circles. We drew pictures in the style of Mackintosh and will be making stained glass windows with them.

    Cobey, Maddie, Reagan


    Sumdog is an educational website designed to help children practise their maths skills.  To access the site children have been given their own username and password, which must be kept safe at home.

    Children will be able to access the website and enjoy playing games, practising times tables and completing set questions related to their learning.

    In some instances there is a time limit set for the task, however, it will be longer than needed to complete all questions.  This means that the children don’t have to rush to answer the questions.  Before they start it might be a good idea to have a piece of paper and a pencil ready so that they can use the methods we have used in class to help them answer the questions.

    The aim of the tasks are to allow the children to answer similar questions to those we have been working on in the classroom.  In some instances they might be worded slightly differently than they are used to – this will enable the children to think about the concepts we have learnt and how to apply their knowledge of a subject to help them.

    Follow this link to access the site.

    This week…

    This week we have been doing art.  In our art lesson we created Rangoli patterns.  First, we coloured some rice with food colouring and then we made our patterns by sticking the rice to the paper.  Some children put too much food colouring and the rice was wet!  It was fun.


    In maths this week we have been learning about fractions and we have placed a fraction on a number line.  We have also been looking at equivalent fractions, for example 10/15 is equivalent to 20/30.


    Bonjour! We have been learning to communicate in French and have a conversation with our friends.  We use a puppet to learn French, it was lots of fun.


    In Science we are learning about teeth.  There are incisors, canines, premolars, molars and wisdom teeth.  Children will have wisdom teeth when they are older.  Altogether children and adults will have 32 teeth.  The molars are broad, flat and smooth, a little bit like the premolars.


    So far this term we have been the best class for the attendance.  We have had the bear a lot, but I don’t think we will get it this week.


    Last week we did an experiment about which drinks are good for our teeth.  We used egg shells and put them in our drinks.  Most of them were gross.  When we took the egg shells out of the energy drink it was all fuzzy.


    7th November 2016

    What we have been up to this week.


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